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2023-2024 NACE Starleague Prizing Form

READ THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR ANSWERS: - In order to receive prizing for your player(s), team(s), or institution, you must provide all information requested in this form. If any information is filled out incorrectly or omitted, your payment will not be processed until the necessary information is received. The person or persons filling out this form will be contacted if any corrections are needed. - All W-9s and information necessary to fill out the form should be collected prior. This includes full legal names, addresses, institutional points of contact, and email addresses. - ONLY ONE PERSON PER INSTITUTION PER GAME TITLE/PRIZE SHOULD BE FILLING OUT THIS FORM. For Varsity institutions, this should ALWAYS be a paid staff member. - WHEN FILLING OUT THIS FORM, MAKE SURE ALL RESPONSES ARE SPELLED CORRECTLY AND ALL ENTRIES ARE DOUBLE-CHECKED BEFORE SUBMITTING. Any incorrect information could potentially impact or delay your receipt of the prizing. - You will be given the option of having the prizing sent directly to your institution or players. If it is being sent to the institution, no W-9s need to be submitted. IF IT IS BEING SENT DIRECTLY TO A PLAYER OR A TEAM MANAGER FOR DISTRIBUTION, a W-9 MUST be submitted for each person who is receiving a check. THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS IF A STUDENT OR STAFF IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. If that is the case, no W-9 is required. IN ORDER TO ABIDE BY INSTITUTIONAL POLICIES, STAFF APPROVAL MUST BE PROVIDED TO DISTRIBUTE CHECKS TO STUDENTS.

Institution Name

Legal First and Last Name

Your Position with the Institution

Institutional Email Address

Discord Username

What game title did the player/team win prizing for?

How would you like the prizing distributed?

Is there anything else you would like to mention in regards to your prize form submission that may help in the process that wasn't included above? If so, note it here.